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Refurb Electronics Leader HyperXchange Launches Eco-Friendly Range Of Smart TVs

HyperXchange is India’s leading online-to-offline brand for premium refurbished electronics.

The latest addition to their bouquet of products is EcoGlass LED Television. Just as the name suggests, EcoGlass is a high performance TV with a manufacturing process built around environmental sensitivity, and has warranty and recycling policies that focus on sustainability.

The versatile all-in-one television sets are ideally suited for bedrooms as well as living rooms with larger space.Their superior motion picture performance enables the display that can be compared to any of the top-leading Smart Full HD televisions. The 4K range starts from 50” screen size, where the picture quality as well as sound output are commendable. Entire range comes with an A+ panel quality having 16:9 aspect ratio for better viewing experience and 16.7 Million colors with vivid and distinct pictures for excelling viewing angle.

The combination of top-shelf quality, industry-leading warranty and unbelievable prices make EcoGlass televisions a top contender in the smart TV space.

HyperXchange’s newest addition has already captured a good percentage of the customers base because they are able to enjoy high quality, while knowing their contribution is working towards social sustainability and climate change.

With EcoGlass technology, HyperXchange has revolutionized the refurbished gadget selling space again.

New Delhi, June 3rd 2019

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