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Pocket Printers- Magic AR Photo Printing. ID Printing And More

Technology has become more mobile these days. Be it phones, speakers or power banks; the dimensions of the gadget is shrinking while its efficacy is increasing; all thanks to the latest technology. Printers are no exceptions. The latest entrant in the portable gadgets category is pocket printers. They ensure that you don’t have to seek any shop or wander for a café whenever you need a photo print. All your favorite pics are at your hand instantly just at a click.

Through a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, you can easily print and share the photos you adore if you owe a pocket printer. Thus, while traveling or wandering on a trip or tour, you can surely add a pocket printer to your backpack and seize the best moments permanently.

Major players of the telecom and electronics industry including Xiaomi, HP, and Kodak have launched an exclusive series of such pocket printers. Huawei, which is reckoned for its latest and impressive range of Smartphone, has lately unveiled Pocket Photo Printer. 

Featuring AR technology, this printer has been aggressively priced at Rs.3999. Zero Ink (Zink®) printing technology has been adopted in Huawei printers which offers vivid and natural colour with rich details. Expensively priced, Xprint from Mi is also based on AR technology and generates rich pictures.

The above image clearly depicts the difference between the pictures printed through three different printers. Starting from right to left, these are printed from Huawei, HP and Xiaomi respectively.

When it comes to portability, size and weight do matter; the Huawei weighs just 195gm whereas its opponents especially Xiaomi and HP are bit heavier. Moreover, the additional features specifically ID Printing and filters give it an edge over its competitors. While the other BT enabled printers are virtually slow, Huawei pocket printer is pretty fast and resilient with a transmission speed of 10 seconds, and the printing time of about 1 minute. It is also equipped with business card printing feature which can be done with a variety of templates.

A horde of options are available in the market and you can pick the one which suits your needs and specifications, However, our recommendation is certainly Huawei Photo Pocket Printer exclusively due to its competitive price, breathtaking image quality and quick response time.

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