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Targus Celebrated 35th Anniversary

Eyes To Become India’s Most Preferred Technology And Accessories Brand

Targus, a leader in the IT peripherals industry, marks the completion of 35 strong and successful years in its journey in India. Setting off on this expedition as a backpack company, Targus has evolved and established itself as a frontrunner in technology accessories.

Embarking on this road in 1983, Targus has achieved remarkable feats throughout the years. It has set a new benchmark in the industry by constantly delivering cutting-edge and innovative technology. Along the way, while constantly striving to deliver products that will make their consumers life easier, Targus has consolidated itself with 45 offices worldwide and direct distribution in over 145 countries. With a heritage rooted in the mobility of on-the-go-professionals, Targus rigorously works to develop advance, productivity-boosting products and solutions that enables its fast-paced consumer to perform at their best every time.

Starting with the launch of the first laptop case in 1983 to the breakthrough of Targus CNO1 laptop case by becoming the best-selling laptop case in the world, Targus has achieved memorable milestones in the backpack industry. Targus’s partnership with various OEM’s propelled it onto the international stage with the opening of multiple offices and delivery centres worldwide.

The company stepped into the technology world with their first Bluetooth mouse in 2004 and since then there has been no looking back. Focused on driving their efforts to bring in game-changing products, Targus has since then launched Type-C Docking Station, Multi-platform keyboards, Travel adapters, Privacy screens and many such products to make their consumers’ lives truly mobile and productive.

Mumbai, India – August 7, 2018

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