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ASUS Rolled Out An OTA Update To Enhance Improvement Of Zenfone 5Z

ASUS released an OTA  update to improve the performance of  its latest device ASUS ZenFone 5Z.  Main Changes and fixes covered under this FOTA update works mainly on its Camera quality and fixing bugs :

o   Enable RAW file support
o   Enable Panorama feature
o   Add on/off button for EIS
o   Enable flash feature in Pro mode
o   Filters upgraded to Real Time Filters
o   Camera Improvements
§         Improve HDR functionality
§         Improve camera stability
§         Improve auto exposure
§         Improve photo sharpness
§         Improve auto focus functionality
§         Improve slow motion quality and file size(720p)
§         Boost audio quality in video to 192kbps bitrate
§         Improve general Video quality
§         Improve WiFi stability
§         Other Bug Fixes

The company says that our team is constantly working towards improving the overall user experience of ZenFone 5Z and the recent FOTA update is result of the same.

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