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Targus Introduce TurboQuad USB Travel Charger

This portable USB charger helps charge 4 devices at a time

Targus India, one of the leading IT peripheral companies, expanded their USB charger offering by launching the TurboQuad USB Travel charger.

This portable hub provides 4.8A total charging power across four USB ports, helping you charge four devices at the same time. The interchangeable plug design brings you convenience and is fit for any travel plans.

Not only does the product come with light-weight design, this sleek TurboQuad charger is also equipped with the Smart Detection on each USB, which can automatically detect the exact charge required by the connected devices and deliver maximum charging speed accordingly. With its total output up to 5V 4.8A, it can fast charge almost any phones and tablets.

The product is priced at Rs. 2,799.

Mumbai, India – July 30, 2018 

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