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RiT Tech Announces Strategic Technology Integration With Intel® Data Center Manager (DCM)

Enhancing Data Management In Infrastructure And Networking Environments

RiT Tech,  announces strategic technology integration with Intel Data Center Manager (DCM) and offers new capabilities of monitoring, analytics, prediction, and control of infrastructure and network centers.

The new Device Level Telemetries Module inside RiT's XpedITe Platform empowers IT and data center managers to take greater control of their management and decision-making capabilities.

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XpedITe is the only Data Center and Networking Infrastructure Optimization (DNIO) platform in the market that efficiently manages, automates and truly bridges data centers, IT and networking infrastructure together in one platform. Utilizing Intel technology, RiT's XpedITe Platform will create one-point-of-control and accurate device health, power and thermal consumption data.

The new module monitors in real-time the actual data of power, health and inlet temperature and provides high value power management features that address power and thermal issues challenging IT organizations. Each device becomes an IoT sensor that collects data and provides RiT's customers the server-level telemetry and control that is needed in today’s data systems. 

Customers get granular level mapping of power, temperature, airflow, humidity and health and usage of their devices and environment. With the outstanding analysis capabilities the new module saves money on cooling, increases up time, and enables better provisioning and prediction of failures.

The new Device Level Telemetries Module is added to the already-exists package of 6 XpedITe's optional modules. 
Deployed already in several different verticals globally, XpedITe Platform continues driving automation, performance, control and profit, with one scalable platform that connects all assets in the technological environment. XpedITe Platform helps businesses to automatically plan and connect their infrastructure, network, assets and people with an end-to-end management system that is very easy to operate, in real-time.

New DelhiJuly 23, 2018

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