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Oriflame Launched ORIScan Feature On The Oriflame App

-  Oriflame Gears Up To Digitally Empower Its Global Consultant Community
-  Oriflame SkinExpert App To Revolutionize - The Way Consultants Do Business

With an amplified focus on being the wind beneath the wings of its global consultant community, Swedish beauty brand Oriflame is now poised to further empower their growth on the digital front. Over the past 50 years, Oriflame has been striving towards its long-term goal of offering its consultants the best tools to help them achieve their dream in a smart way. To drive this vision, Oriflame is now launching a string of digital initiatives in a bid to enable its community to achieve enhanced business outcomes.  ORIScan, a new feature on the Oriflame app for digitalised product catalogue and Oriflame SkinExpert App, for iOS and Android, are the two major initiatives going live this month.  The tools can be accessed by the consultants through their login ID and password.

Designed exclusively for Oriflame business consultants, ORIScan is a unique scan feature built into the Oriflame app, which endeavours to revolutionize their way of doing business, thereby improving the efficiency of the processes. Oriflame product catalogue is the important tool of communication for all consultants in order to introduce Oriflame products to their consumers. With ORIScan, there is now an immersive digital experience of the product catalogue, which enables it to go live and one can know about the products through interesting articles and live videos. This allows the consultants to augment their knowledge about the products to facilitate better information exchange for their customers. ORIScan also enhances the experience of going through the catalogue for the customers making them enjoy the buying process better, while also allowing them to order the product in a single click. Overall, ORIScan accelerates the response time and customer service anywhere in the world.

Meanwhile, the Oriflame SkinExpert App takes skin care consultations to the next level. The tool acts as a third party while interacting with the potential customers for knowing their skincare concerns. The app enables the consultants to recommend skin care products that correspond to their customers’ needs. Both the digital initiatives by Oriflame are meant for ensuring great experiences for the consultants, helping them in doing their business smoothly.

To use the ORIScan feature, consultants are required to login to the Oriflame App, locate a page on the catalogue which has the ORIScan stamp and click on the ORIScan icon on the top left corner of the app. ORIScan uses the phone’s camera as a scanner so the app has to be granted permission to use the camera. Once the page gets scanned, consultants can see a product video related to the product being featured on that page, read beauty edit articles or even go through descriptions of a product. They can also buy the product from there itself using ADD to bag option in just one click.

On the other hand, the SkinExpert app is a three-in-one solution which enables the consultants to build trust and credibility between them and their customer. They can conduct consultations, confidently get into recommending advanced skin care in a credible way and keep a track of any upcoming events and follow-up consultations. Through such smart tools, Oriflame intends to craft an unmatched experience of doing business, thereby giving its global community of consultants something beyond simple access to income and new skills.

New Delhi, July 30, 2018


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