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Arena Of Valor Is The League Of Legends Of Smartphones - And Here's Why

With popular multiplayer games like Fortnite and PUBG becoming available on smartphones, MOBA players might be left wondering where their mobile ports are at.

Well, since Arena of Valor is basically League of Legends for the smartphone, we’ve had ours for a while now. With its recent release in India, it has captured the attention of even more gamers, and with good reason.

League of Legends does a lot of things right, especially in terms of introducing a complex genre to newer players, and Arena of Valor accomplishes this on mobile by making a lot of similar design choices.

Both League and Arena of Valor take much the same approach to rotating heroes (champions in League of Legends). Players have access to a limited pool of free characters, and this pool is refreshed every week.

This allows players to get a taste of every character available to them, eventually, while also making it easier for new players to familiarise themselves with the characters, without being overwhelmed by the choices. Players can then purchase their favorite heroes/champions with in-game currency.

Speaking of which…

In-Game Currency
Both games are free to play, and have very similar approaches to monetization; one which ensures that while the game is free to play, it isn’t pay-to-win.

Players can, through well thought-out microtransaction systems, purchase characters, skins for these characters, Arcana (in AoV), and Runes (in LoL).

In-game currency in both games is split into two types, one which can be earned by playing the game and the other, which can be bought using actual money. Heroes can be purchased using either type of currency, while game-changing items like Runes and Arcana can only be purchased using in-game currency.

This helps keep the game balanced, ensuring that one cannot pay to gain an unfair advantage over players who choose to not use microtransactions.

Character Types
Both games take a similar approach to classifying characters. They can be split up into the same archetypes.

These are Tanks, Warriors, Assassins, Mages, Marksmen, and Support.

Players coming to AoV from LoL will find it very easy to get a hang of the characters, given this.

Game Modes
Both Arena of Valor and League of Legends offer players a handful of different game modes, or maps, to play in.

These maps are also comparable between both games, with the standard one being called Grand Battle in AoV and Summoner’s Rift in LoL. The other maps offer the option to play shorter matches or matches with randomized characters.

Summoner Abilities
Both games allow players to pre-equip additional spells that provide bonuses like a healing ability or additional damage to monsters. This lets players have more control over how they approach each match, and adds more variety to the game.

Arcana System
The Arcana system in AoV is very similar to the Runes Reforged system in LoL. Both use ‘pages’ that players can slot with items that give characters additional bonuses. This plays a prominent role in matches and adds depth and strategy to the game even before players load into a match.

These are called Talents in AoV and Summoner Spells in LoL.

The jungle in both games is chock-full of monsters that can be farmed not only for gold and experience, which will be familiar to MOBA players in general, but also for buffs that may well turn the tide of the game.

Additionally, the map layout, bush mechanic, win conditions, and itemization aspect of both games are incredibly similar to each other. Arena of Valor emulates League of Legends with great results on mobile devices, giving MOBA fans an incredibly satisfying game that they can play on the go.

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