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Yoga Bot- AASANA- Tech Mahindra Limited

As India’s $150 billion-plus IT sector goes digital, accompanying stress to master new-age technologies follows. Or else, redundancy sets in. It has undoubtedly unleashed a high deliverable culture in plummeting timelines. To address this peculiar challenge the burgeoning IT workforce faces, the Wealth of Wellness (WoW) Team of Tech Mahindra, a group of TechMighty wellness enthusiasts, have come up with a concept of a ‘virtual yoga assistance’ to give prime importance to the health and well-being of associates. 

At Tech Mahindra, where “Wellness before Business” has always been a mantra, a few weeks away from the third International Yoga Day (IYD), the Pune WoW team worked with the team at Makers Lab, (Tech Mahindra’s R&D arm) to make this long desired application a reality. Fondly christened “AASANA”, a virtual yoga assistant has been developed for the employees and will be launched on June 21 – on the International Day of Yoga. ‘Aasana’ will share automated Yoga reminders to enable stretching while employees remain seated at their workstations. Aasana fuses the age-old magic of Yoga with modern-day possibilities of the digital, to bring a seamless experience.

As soon as employees log in on their systems, Aasana would pop-up at the lower right hand corner of the desktop. It would greet the employee and perform yoga postures. The virtual Yoga assistant has various in-built yogic postures (asanas), and would encourage the employees to perform them at regular intervals. Starting with Sukshamayoga and Chair Suryanamaskar, followed by stretching for cervical spondylitis and lower back pain – everything would be led by the bot. The bot will also help answer yoga-related queries and provide additional information about postures too. Also, there are guided meditation and health videos from certified trainers. It can even be customized as per individual requirements. WoW on mobile, featuring AASANA can keep employees updated on sessions within the campus.

Yoga at Workstation- American Express Banking Corp., India

People, who sit in front of computer screens for certain hours at one go, often end up ignoring health, neck stiffness, resulting inevitable energy drain, soreness and a back pain because of their wrong posture. Employees’ at  American Express are celebrating the Yoga Day by practicing yoga at their workstations. The initiative by American Express is Pulling out all the stops to keep their employees healthy and happy. 

A certified Yoga specialist  has been brought in from outside to teach some relieving yoga postures, the trainer provides information and answers of employees’ yoga-related queries and make office yoga interesting and beneficial.  Employees performed various Aasanas  where they do not even need to move from their designated desks. With physical benefits of Yoga,  it also helps in the day to day interaction as employees’ feel happier and  boost the morale in the office.

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