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This Father’s Day, Gift Your Father A Happy And Healthy Life With Smartron’s tBand #GiftOfHealthyLife

Your dad is your superhero. From teaching you how to walk and dressing your scraped knees when you get injured, to taking care of you when you feel sick, your father has done it all. While ‘thank you’ would be a phrase too short and not good enough to express the gratitude and love you feel for your father, this Father’s Day, show your father love and care by gifting him a happy and healthy life with Smartron’s tband. It is your time to tell him how grateful you are to have HIM as your superhero.

tband, a fitness offering by Smartron will take care of your father just like he has taken care of you all his life. From ECG and blood pressure to fatigue and stress, the tracker will track and notify you about your father’s well-being exactly when he requires it the most. In addition to this, the tracker is easy to use as it can easily be calibrated with a smartphone through the thealth app. So this father’s day give your father the #GiftOfHealthyLife and express your love for him.

Available at an exciting price of INR 4,999/- you can order the tband on Flipkart:

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