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Six Member Youth Delegation From OSCAR Foundation To Represent India At 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

A six-member youth delegation from OSCAR Foundation will represent India at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia from 26th June- 3rd July, 2018. The team will participate in FIFA Foundation's 'Football For Hope' festival - FIFA's global initiative for youth and community development.
OSCAR Foundation is the only non-profit organisation from India to be invited by FIFA Foundation for the 'Football For Hope' festival. The festival is all about how the youth from underserved communities can bring about a real and lasting change.
In India, OSCAR Foundation uses Football as a tool for engagement and supports youth and children from low-income communities to complete their education. OSCAR's six-member delegation comprises of role models from low-income communities in Mumbai and Jharkhand.
OSCAR Young Leader Sony Kumari, who comes from Jharkhand's Chari Hujir district, says, "In my village trafficking of girls is very common. Also, girls are married off when they become 15 years old. But I am breaking those barriers. I feel girls should receive equal opportunities and this is what I want to support." 18-year-old Sony is a strong supporter of gender equality and part of OSCAR's Football Programme.
The six-member youth delegation will join their peers from non-profit organisations from over 48 countries. The youth delegations will discuss ways to break down barriers to social development, education, health awareness, and share their experiences. They will also get an opportunity to watch the coveted semi-final match in St. Petersburg Stadium in Russia.
Names of OSCAR delegates from Mumbai and Jharkhand: Poonam Gautam, Lalu Rathod, Akshay Chauhan, Shital Toppo, Sony Kumari, and Ashok Rathod.

MUMBAI and MOSCOW, June 11, 2018

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