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Ideazfirst Launches Cabrand 2.0 With Upgraded, Innovative And Interactive Cab Advertising Opportunities For Brands

Cabrand, the cab branding division of Ideazfirst Technologies Pvt Ltd, now offers a unique opportunity to brands to increase their visibility by advertising on app cabs, visible in the lanes & by-lanes, commercial & residential areas, airports & railway stations. Ideazfirst Technologies Pvt Ltd has tie-ups with cab fleet owner like Xchange Leasing India Pvt Ltd (a group company of Uber Technologies Inc), for in-car and out-car advertising

Ideazfirst Technologies have also collaborated with other fleet cab owners like Rajgarhia, YSG, Zustgo and Ola to increase their supply base for cabs across various cities in India.

Ideazfirst, through its arm Cabrand, now offers an opportunity to brands from different sectors, including pharma, banking, insurance, hospitality, food service and other app-based services to advertise with them on App based cabs.

The advertising will be in the form of exterior wrap and interior display. The exterior wrap covering the ad space of 50-60 sq. ft. area in sedans plying across the city. The interior of the cabs will have vinyl pasting of the brand's advertisement, printed on Latex 3M Vinyl along with leaflets and discount coupons made available to the passengers travelling in app cabs.

This unique opportunity offers to all brands a great advertising platform with potential for high marketing ROI. The attractive exterior wrap on the moving cabs will offer a high degree of visibility to a brand in top-end commercial and residential areas of the city. Even when the cab is standing for a pick-up, which typically happens in high visible areas, it will continue to attract eyeballs through its unique and attractive form. The in-cab advertising will offer an opportunity for brands to engage with commuters through discount coupons, contests and other innovative medium.

For exterior wrap, Ideazfirst is using the best quality vinyl that does not fade in sunlight or rains, and offers true brand colours with great visibility. The vinyl is replaced for free in case of any accidents or damages.

For interior branding, advertisers can advertise their product inside the cars. Passengers can take away product brochures and leaflets about the brands they would be interested in.

Apart from generating authentic leads by way of interactivity for passengers, Cabrand also helps brands engage with passengers by way of customers and offering them free rides for posting and sharing the car wrap pics on Facebook pages of the company. The authentic leads for the advertisers can be generated through the 'Contact Us' forms or by sending SMS to special codes place inside the taxi. Advertisers can also perform free sampling of products/gift vouchers to the passengers. Ideazfirst is also open for strategic investors and Private equity partners for the expansion of this business.

Rajesh Kishanpuriya, Managing Director of Ideazfirst Technologies says, "This is an exciting outdoor medium, and perfect for almost all B2C brands looking to invest in marketing with higher ROI. It's a win-win situation for all associated, i.e. brands, driver partners, app cab companies like Ola, Uber and Ideazfirst. It also serves as an additional income for cab drivers."

By virtue of their increasing presence - 15,000 app cabs making 2.5 lac trips covering 30 lac kms each day (Source :NDTV Survey Report 2017), transit media with app-based cabs have become one the most attractive ways to garner OTS and deliver high marketing ROIs, compared to other modes.

KOLKATA, June 20, 2018

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