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Fynd Acquires Premium Domain

New domain name - - beckons India’s unique fashion e-commerce portal, Fynd

Branding always plays an important role in a business and formulating an effective brand strategy can be a game changer in today’s crowded marketing. Over million domain names already registered, it’s very unique if the dot-com URL that matches the business name is readily available. In its attempt to avoid confusion amongst customers and attract maximum traffic to its website, Fynd, the unique fashion e-commerce portal, has changed its domain name from to Obtaining as the domain name has been arduous and a long wait for the company.

With Fynd’s latest funding led by Google, the fashion e-commerce portal has got a major boost to enhance its activities. By leveraging technology and investing in constant innovations such as the domain name change, Fynd is sure to add more merits in its list in the coming years.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India –June 19th , 2018

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