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Facebook Partners With National Blood Transfusion Council And Giants Welfare Foundation To Set Up Over 2,000 Blood Donation Events

India, New Delhi, June 14, 20

Launches ‘Blood Donations’ Centre In India On World Blood Donor Day

On the occasion of World Blood Donor Day, Facebook launches Blood Donations on Facebook, a new centre where people in India can find opportunities to donate nearby. It also announced that it is partnering with organizations across India, including the National Blood Transfusion Council, a division of India's Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and Giants Welfare Foundation, to set up over 2,000 blood donation events on Facebook this month, which  will be featured in the new Blood Donation center. 

FB Live Interaction With Honorable Union Minister Of Health And Family Welfare, Jagat Prakash Nadda:    

In many countries, including India, blood donations are typically at their lowest during May and June. To help raise awareness of the shortage and the need for donations, Facebook is also running a campaign through the month of June to encourage people to donate blood and educate people about the process of donating blood. The campaign will include stories of people who have helped saved lives using our blood donation features.

Announced at F8, the ‘Blood Donations’ center shows people opportunities to donate in their city, including nearby blood donation events, requests for blood donors and blood banks. People who visit ‘Blood Donations’ on Facebook can also sign up to be a blood donor and get notified directly when there is a need for blood nearby.

Speaking on the initiative,Hema Budaraju, Product Lead, Health, Facebook said, “We know that when donors have information and opportunities to give, they step up to help. But often donors don't know where and when to donate. Blood Donations on Facebook aims to bridge these gaps by providing information on the opportunities available nearby. We hope that by raising awareness and letting people know where and when they can donate, we can increase blood donations and contribute to a more sustainable blood supply.”

Till date, more than 11 million people have signed up in countries including India, Bangladesh and Pakistan and thousands of donations have been facilitated through Facebook. The Blood Donations centre can be accessed from the explore menu on the device.

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