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Carzspa, India’s No. 1 Car Detailing Studio Is Opening Their 98th Franchisee Studio At Chandra Layout, Bengaluru

Carzspa, India’s no. 1 Car Detailing Studio, is opening their 98th franchisee studio at Chandra Layout, Bengaluru which is its third studio in the city. This is their biggest showroom amongst all the existing franchisee studios already opened throughout the country.

The Carzspa in Chandra Layout will not only provide a casual wash, but some exceptional detailing services to upkeep and to maintain the longevity of the interior and exterior of the car, so even though the car is 5 years old, it would still seem to be like fresh out of the showroom.

Carzspa has a knack for specific car detailing services needed for specific places for the car. Not just services, but their studios are also well-maintained and of the top-notch with well-lit LED lights, spacious place and located in a posh area only. They are on their way to becoming one of India’s premium auto detailing studio. As a proof, they have 60+ successfully running franchisees nationally and internationally.

Their services include 9H Crystal Shield Ceramic Coating which is the perfect protection for the paint against the effects of sunlight, UV radiation, acid rain, salt, dirt, bird droppings, air pollution. Other services include a thorough Head Light Restoration, Glass Treatment, Intensive Interior Cleaning and getting rid of Bad Odour. 

Carzspa established in 2006 and it started distributing franchisees in 2007. Carzspa has been in the auto detailing business for 11 years, proffering the world-class quality detailing services to car. 

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India –June 5th  , 2018

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