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Amar UjalaKavya’s Massive Hindi Poetry Subculture Applauded At INMA Global Media Awards

Amar Ujala has bagged honours in two categories at the INMA Global Media Awards 2018 in Washington DC for its one year old multi-platform brand Amar UjalaKavya, for successfully “tapping into India’s massive Hindi poetry subculture”.

The 2018 Global Media Awards competition got 830 entries from 220 media companies in 39 countries. Participants included newspaper media, magazine media, digital media, television media, and radio media.

Amar UjalaKavya, won the honour in 2 categories: "Best Launch of a Brand or Product to Create an Audience Segment” & "Best Idea to Grow Digital Readership or Engagement”, winning 3rd place in both.

Amar UjalaKavya has published, in just six months, 20,000 + Hindi poems and 17,000 + registered poets with profiles online. With presence and response from Newspaper, Web, Social spaces and ground events, it has created a burgeoning community of Hindi poets and poetry lovers - creating poetry in text and video.

“Unlike English readers in India, Hindi readers have a thriving tradition of performance poetry, which straddles popular and high culture, and cuts across age, geography, and socio-economic class. They've no permanent space in mainstream Hindi news media, where popular culture usually means cinema. We reach out to this audience in Kavya,” said Arvind Joshi, AVP - Group Strategy Amar Ujala.

Amar UjalaKavya’s various tools of user outreach are Virtual and Ground Events, Multiple Submission Modes & Formats, Aspirational Platform, Dedicated Fortnightly Section on Print, Social Platform, and Mass-with-Class Curation. The brand has achieved phenomenal reach in the first 6 months of its launch for its niche - touching 46 Million Amar Ujala readers every fortnight (Print), and 350 K people every month online. About 1 million people are reached every month via Facebook and over 100 k+ through 17 poetry event-series conducted online and on-ground.

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India –India June 7th  , 2018

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