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NDMC Partners With Khan Academy To Set Up Tablet-Based Smart Classes

- NDMC becomes one of the first government school systems to invest in sufficient number of devices for students, such that every student will have access to a separate device when they go to the lab. This would allow each student to work on topics that have been specifically assigned to him/her by the teacher, according to their specific learning needs.

- To be rolled out across 28 schools and for over 11,000 students

- Khan Academy’s teacher tools help teachers to identify learning gaps and track the progress of every individual student

In the endeavor to empower teachers and enhance learning outcomes of students, New Delhi Municipal Council today announced its partnership with Khan Academy India (KAI) for making optimal use of tablet-based smart labs. After a pilot with two schools in January earlier this year, NDMC has decided to set up such labs in 28 schools, covering over 150 teachers and about 11,000 students.

The Partnership Agreement was signed at an event held at the Palika Kendra and was attended by Chairman NDMC - Mr. Naresh Kumar IAS, Secretary NDMC - Ms. Chanchal Yadav IAS, Director, Education, NDMC - Mr. Rabindra Gupta, India Strategist, Khan Academy India - Mathu Shalini and MD, Khan Academy India - Sandeep Bapna.

The initiative entails providing students of Class 6 to 12 with tablets, internet connectivity, and access to the Khan Academy platform. Khan Academy’s teacher tools and reports help teachers to track the progress of every individual student and to identify the learning gaps for each student. Teachers can set up their classrooms and assign videos, quizzes and unit tests to students on the platform. These resources could help reinforce a concept that’s been taught as well as to provide remedial help to students according to their individual learning needs.

The Khan Academy platform also helps students to learn at their own pace, revisit topics they find difficult, and receive instant feedback and opportunities for correction. The platform is also gamified to encourage the students with energy points after each learning action is performed.

“With Khan Academy, it has become very easy for us to give assignments and assess each student’s progress real-time, without any manual evaluation” said Pooja Varshney, a teacher at NP Girls senior secondary school, one of the two schools where the pilot was rolled out.

In the selected NDMC schools, one hour shall be set aside each week for every class, when teachers and students will use Khan Academy in the Tab-based smart lab. Khan Academy shall facilitate sufficient training and support to teachers to enable them to confidently use the platform.

New Delhi, 11th April 2018

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