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Twenty Two Motors- "PASSIONATE STARTUP" a dedicated bunch of engineers, round the clock development and a deep desire to prove themselves in the technology intensive electric mobility field. To make electric vehicles fast, powerful and affordable is the company’s ultimate vision.

Twenty Two Motors aims to make electric vehicles advanced, powerful and affordable for the next generation. The company believes in designs comprising of elegance and simplicity although ensuring maximum performance and safety while constantly infusing technology in automobiles.

Recently the company unveiled the prototype of their Smart Scooter ‘FLOW’- enabled by AI- designed to fulfill the needs of the modern yet young travelers. The unique features which the brand facilitates the consumers through this vehicle boast of state of art sensors,smart features- Programmable LED Lamps, EBD, Drag Mode, Cruise Control, Take me Home Mode, Reverse mode, Dual Hydration and disk brakes, lithium ion Battery storage- Portable battery, 80 KMs in full charge, 5 hrs to charge battery, charges itself while breaking and while going down hill/ flyover, App based vehicle and Internet of Things.

On this note, looking forward to your interest for an in-depth conversation (One on One, Email or Telephonic) with Mr. Parveen Kharb, Co-Founders, Twenty Two Motors who would be keen to share his insights` around.

·         Twenty Two Motors Journey So Far
·         Twenty Motor Smart Electric Vehicle- FLOW

o    Launch

o    Smart Features - Programmable LED Lamps, EBD, Drag Mode, Cruise Control, Take me Home Mode, Reverse mode, Dual Hydration, disk brakes, IOT etc.

o    R&D and Design of FLOW

·         Business Model
·         Plans for the coming years
·         About its State-of-the-Art manufacturing facility
·         Twenty Two Motors forecast in the next two years

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